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Current challenges

In times of digital transformation, e-health applications yield large promises. However, in order to reach impact on global health, numerous barriers exist:

  • A fragmented landscape of IT solutions limits interoperability
  • High implementation and maintenance costs make e-health services often unaffordable, particularly in resource poor regions
  • Missing regulation and governance structure can limit quality, IT security and protection of data privacy

SATMED mission

SATMED solution helps governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as institutes involved in global health to overcome these barriers by offering a centralized working environment providing interoperable, affordable, secure and compliant access to

  • medical care applications
  • health system management tools
  • learning and training applications

Moreover, SATMED e-health platform is a long-term multi-level software-as-a-service platform that is easy to use, readily available and accessible everywhere; from urban to isolated and underserved areas.

SATMED solution is owned by the Government of Luxemburg and open to the global health community to make better use of digital health technology and services.

What offers the SATMED platform

The SATMED platform possesses 4 core features that are its interoperability, its security and compliance, its availability everywhere and its affordability.

   Centralized & interoperable

A software platform integrates a large range of world leading e/m-health software solutions that brings together medical care, education, and health system management in one unique working environment.

Similar to an app-store the user can choose to use application for: teleconsultation, teleradiology, e-learning, health information systems (including analytics and epidemiology) and electronic medical record systems.

By providing global health community members with a centralized e-health platform, SATMED improves IT solutions interoperability and reduces the fragmented landscape of IT solutions by offering a solution accessible with a single sign-on.

In addition, modern group management makes the use of the platform attractive for small entities, underserved and remote areas as well as complex multi-national organizations.

   Secure & Compliant

A cloud service fosters secure data storage and increases quality, IT security and protection of data privacy. This service is notably offered under the EU & Luxemburg regulations for data protection and data privacy, and can be refined at country level when relevant. Moreover, data is stored in Europe.

  Readily usable & accessible everywhere

Software as a service enables healthcare providers to use the e/m-health tools everywhere in the world. SATMED can be used immediately by its partners where the internet is available. For projects in underserved and remote areas, SATMED improves their connection by providing them with internet connectivity via satellite.

Moreover, some selected tools also work off-line and thus offer a viable access to partners located in remote or under-served areas that lack a reliable internet connection.


With the ambition of being accessible to all members of the Global Health Community, SATMED has been designed to be affordable and also provides help to smaller organizations, as well as underserved and remote areas to cover their operating costs.

The software-as-a-service concept indeed refrains from using licensed software, does not require costly implementation and maintenance, and thus contributes to a minimal cost structure.

For larger organizations, please contact us to work out an offer together!

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Who can use SATMED

SATMED is open to the global health community and is dedicated to be used by:

  • Non-governmental organizations that are providers of healthcare, education or health management services.
  • Governmental organizations that support regional development programs and humanitarian operations.
  • Institutes such as medical universities, hospitals and health management institutions.

After its initial roll out in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, the platform has been tested in cooperation with several partner including NGOs, GOs, hospitals and medical universities across Africa and Asia.

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